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The official photography partner for FIT4MOM Fort Mill and Rock Hill, Running Mom Photography specializes in making family, newborn and maternity memories tangible with a fine art editorial approach.

April is a mama to two kiddos, and has a passion for fitness and family. She completed 3 Ironman triathlons and a background in Physical Therapy - making her the perfect partner for FIT4MOM! We hope you love her beautiful photography as much as we do and will use her for all of your family's biggest milestones!

Visit her website at or contact April at


BOB is mama's favorite jogging stroller, as it is durable, reliable, and works on a variety of terrain. For the past 15 years, the BOB Fitness Stroller has been our exclusive choice for its ability to take us off the beaten path. It does extremely well hiking through uneven surfaces, tackling dirt trails, plowing through beach sand, and gliding over gravel.


Strong, health conscious, busy mamas are looking for the best ways to fuel themselves, their babes, and their families. KIND is our top choice when snacking because their products include nutrient-dense, simple and premium ingredients like whole nuts, seeds, whole grains, and real fruit.


Happy Family was founded by mamas and is a premium organic food company that’s changing the way we feed our little(s). FIT4MOM loves the organic ingredients and superfoods used within Happy Family products, and we are proud they help match the needs of our mamas and babes within our village.


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A makeup company created by fitness lovers for fitness lovers. KINX helps mamas to look their best even in the sweatiest situations! The best eyeliners and makeup removing wipes you will ever find!


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Healthy Times was founded by a mama who felt passionate about providing her child with something she was not finding in stores...a natural teething biscuit. FIT4MOM loves that Healthy Times products are made from organically grown ingredients, and do not include preservatives or artificial additives.

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