Small Changes for Big Success

When making any sort of lifestyle change with your nutrition and exercise, you will find that you are most successful when you make small changes! Here are some tips for you as you get started!

1. Eat the same meals

Maybe variety is not the spice of life. Until you establish a new routine, eat the same meals, or similar meals. This will simplify the grocery shopping, food prep, and thinking about what you are going to eat next. It might be a little boring, but that’s ok. Shift your interest from food to a new project, relationship, or hobby for a little while.

2. Create a morning routine

Fuel your body, brain, heart, and soul first thing. It will give you strength and focus to stay committed to your new eating plan.

3. Hide the scale

Because we focus on Non-scale victories throughout Body Back, its important to not rely on the number on the scale. Put it away while you are doing this session! We tend to put a lot of pressure on the scale to tell us if our diet changes are working, but there are so many other ways to measure. Hide the scale and give yourself an opportunity to notice what’s going on with your body, your emotions, how well you sleep, and other important metrics.

4. Modify the rules

Instead of deciding you could never give up sugar, or never stop drinking alcohol for the whole session, modify it! Remember to make a BETTER choice - that is the first step towards making the best choice! What works for me may not work for you, and honestly, it might not work for me in 5 years. Be willing to listen to your body and make changes accordingly.

5. Remove temptation

If you usually put sugar in your coffee, remove sugar from your kitchen. If you like a piece of chocolate after dinner, give your chocolate away. Use your energy to focus on your new healthy habits instead of fighting temptation all day.

6. Celebrate daily

See and celebrate your progress every day! Share with the group when you rocked your water intake or found a healthy meal you loved. Share a picture, call a friend, or write about your successful day. If you are used to celebrating with food, find new ways to reward yourself.

7. Do it with friends

Accountability and connection will really help when you are making big changes. Ask your husband to join you in eating healthy! Rely on the group, and your friends, to support your fitness goals. Do healthy activities together!

We are learning sustainable tips and tricks that we can carry with us long after this session of Body Back is over. Enjoy this process and remember that small changes lead to big success!