Proof of Mom

How many mamas out there are the memory-capturer for your family? Take a look at your camera roll and I bet you will see hundreds upon hundreds of photos of your kids, your husband, and even the dog. Let me guess what you don't see a lot of. Photos of you with your kids. Am I right? Sure you may have a random selfie where no one is looking at the camera. But have you documented all those fun activities you tirelessly plan for your kids every single day? Doubtful. I say this because I too am a culprit of this.

I was recently inspired by a good mama friend of mine. She posted the most adorable photo of her with her toddlers at a water park and the caption really tugged at my heart strings. Even though she wasn't feeling super confident in her swimsuit, she asked another mom to snap a photo of her with her kids to remember the incredibly fun day they had. She even vowed to take pictures of other moms out with their kids when she notices them out having a fun day. It instantly made me go back and look for pictures with my own boys. Spoiler alert: there weren't very many.

My mom and I were so close growing up, and when she passed away a couple years ago, I spent some time going through her old pictures. I could count on my hands how many pictures I found of the two of us together. I wish so much that I had more to look back on to be reminded of all the fun we had together. I know. I know - this took a sad turn. There are just so many reasons why we should be documenting this fleeting time we have with our kids.

So why aren't we in the photos? Well, maybe we are self-conscious? Our kids don't care how we look. Maybe we don't have anyone around to take the picture? Chances are another mom is nearby. Maybe our kids never sit still so we stopped trying with posed pictures? Get up their on the slide with them and get a candid shot!

You may not love what you see in the photos - we are always our own biggest critics. But let me tell you what you will see. You will see the real YOU, with your kids, and the joy and fun that you will want to always remember.

Susie of Busy Toddler (@busytoddler), coined the phrase "Proof of Mom" when she manages to capture proof of her existence on an outing with her kids or family. It resulted in a heck of a lot more photos of her with her kids doing fun things as a family.

Proof of Mom is important - suck it up, suck it in, and ask someone to snap the photo. Your future self and your kids will thank you for it!