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Let’s be honest. Finding time to exercise as a mom is hard. Most of the time, we moms feel tired, stressed out and even guilty whenever we do get the rare chance to hit the gym and squeeze in a work out.

If you often find yourself in this predicament, consider adding baby into your exercise routine. That’s right, there are many benefits to working out with baby including the following:

1. ...


When making any sort of lifestyle change with your nutrition and exercise, you will find that you are most successful when you make small changes! Here are some tips for you as you get started!

1. Eat the same meals

Maybe variety is not the spice of life. Until you establish a new routine, eat the same meals, or similar meals. This will simplify the grocery shopping, food prep, and thinking about what you are...

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You may be thinking of all the reasons why you can’t add “one more thing” to your plate. Mama, we get it. You’re busy doing everything you possibly can to help your babies survive and thrive, but what are you doing for yourself?

As a mom, it’s hard to put yourself ahead of your children. Heck, it’s our maternal instinct to put ourselves and our own needs on the back burner all with the best intentions on focusing on our family needs...


How many mamas out there are the memory-capturer for your family? Take a look at your camera roll and I bet you will see hundreds upon hundreds of photos of your kids, your husband, and even the dog. Let me guess what you don't see a lot of. Photos of you with your kids. Am I right? Sure you may have a random selfie where no one is looking at the camera. But have you documented all those fun activities you tirelessly plan for your kids...


Whether you're there 100% to get your sweat on, you come for some mama socialization time, or you fall somewhere in the middle, these tips will help you maximize your time with us during Stroller Strides.

Our tips for getting the most out of your next Stroller Strides class:

1. Don't use your kids as a crutch during the workout!

We've all considered it. Some of us do it more than we care to admit! Instead of...


If you've yet to try out a Stroller Strides Class, this list might just change your mind! We have so much to offer moms through our classes and we provide fitness for mom and fun for kids too!

Here are five things you may not know about us:

1. You don't have to own a jogging stroller in order to participate in Stroller Strides! Any...


Let's set the scene: Your husband walks out the door, and you stand there smiling with your infant in one arm, and your toddler standing next to you. Your first thought? Now what do I do ALL DAY LONG? Naptime is hours away, your husband isn't home for a real long time - you need a plan!

Your day consists of diaper changes or potty training, making meals and snacks and more snacks, handling tantrums, figuring out nap schedules,...